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2017 Resolutions – Top 10

I thought I would make a New Year’s Resolution for 2017.  Ten thoughts which I could follow over the year.  Sometimes I get too busy to remember, or a soft spot in me forgets what I should do.  Here tis…

  1. Start the 2017 Christmas Card Letter on 1/1/2017, so on 12/20/2017 you’re not thinking “Crap, I forgot the letter, again!  What should I say?”
  2. Continue weight loss regiment.  50-60# is the goal by December 2017.
  3. Remodel the home studio and workbench for the LAST time.
  4. Upgrade F.C.C. license.
  5. Get amateur radio antennas up in spring, try new modes, and relearn old modes.
  6. Time to “purge” old equipment.  If not used in 7 years, sell or recycle it!
  7. Don’t waste time interacting with caustic or disrespectful people.  Solution: Ignore them.
  8. Ignore any partisan posts on Twitter/Facebook & mark offensive.
  9. Some people need to fail to learn.  Don’t be their safety net otherwise they won’t try to learn.  Besides, they don’t appreciate your help.
  10. Learn new things to do with machining.

We’ll see what I can tick off the list as DONE on December 31st, 2017.