Making the (Mental) Load Lighter

This week I started unsubscribing from many e-mail lists, Facebook pages, Twitter and web sites.  The reason is simple, more productive use of my time.  But it’s also because I’ve noticed a change in tone in many pages and lists.

I enjoyed one DIY list for years, but finally unsubscribed because in the old days when you asked a question you would get some intelligent help.  The last couple months it seems trolling has taken over.  Ask a question, and someone is asking a question about you or your abilities; and there is never an answer to your question.

Facebook has taken an ugly turn.  I’ve had to disconnect from some of my “friends” simply because they see Facebook as a platform for taking every outrage personal and feel the need to share these posts; 99% of them being just something stupid or your typical clickbait fake news.

Why are people sitting at keyboards bitching and feeling like they have to share every outrageous post they come across?

It’s like this …. if you go out on the town, the average person doesn’t walk into the roughest bar or restaurant just to be with people fighting, or yelling about things they perceive as outrageous.  You want to go to a nice place.  As such, I’ve chosen to disconnect from the platforms where people feel they have to act irresponsibly.

I can honestly say that I feel better because I’m now disconnected.

About Frederick R. Vobbe

I work as the Director of Engineering for TV broadcast affiliates. In my nearly 50 plus year broadcast career I have worked at recording studios, radio, and television stations. Hobbies include; collecting “oldies” from the years 1955 to 1990 that charted in the radio industry in the Whitburn/Billboard charts for Rock and C&W. I also restore old tape recordings of radio jingles, airchecks, and broadcast production music from tape and records. I also design circuits and home-brewing equipment such as audio processors, tube compressors, switcher & control systems, audio distribution amplifiers, and audio mixers. My amateur radio call sign, W8HDU, was granted via the F.C.C. vanity call-sign program, and was my grandfather’s call.
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