Welcome to RealOldiesRadio.com. Why does this web site exist?

My interests are pretty broad. Along with ham radio, I enjoy playing around with classic audio equipment, audio restoration, recording, rebuilding classic equipment, and designing equipment that I use.

I’ve been known to frequent yard sales, or musician’s closets for gear that has been abused. I’ll take it and make it like new again. A recent score was A pair of JBL studio monitors with the cones kicked in for $25, and after purchasing two new JBL speakers, and some cabinet work, they are like new again.

You’ll find I focus on tape machines, consoles, audio processing, distribution, and tools for musicians. This is a hobby and not a business, although at times it seems like a full time job. (Some think it’s an addiction.)

My ham radio stuff is over on another site, and the audio stuff will slowly migrate here.

Automatic posting of comments are disabled because of spammers. I’m always happy to hear from DIY folks. When sending me a message please make sure it doesn’t appear hyper spammy. My spam filters are set very high.


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