Preferred contact is by USPS mail:
Frederick R. Vobbe
706 Mackenzie Drive
Lima, Ohio 45805-1835 USA

419-228-6223 (419-22VOBBE)
No fax, no cellphone, no solicitation at any time.

If you insist on using e-mail:
By the way…

  • If you wish to solicit me, send a letter. A letter demonstrates legitimacy.
    • A solicitation automatically places your IP into a reject file.
  • No name, e-mail addy, or “handle” says fraud.  Always use your real name.
  • Not interested how I can get more web traffic.
  • No SEO, search engine impressions, or ads welcomed.
  • I’m not interested in hearing how you would have done it.
  • DIY does not mean “cheap”. There’s a price for craftsmanship.
  • Permission is granted if you want to link to one of my pages.
  • You may not copy pages and repost them as your own, anywhere.
  • Quisquam dignitas effectus est dignitas super effectus is Latin for Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. I live by this motto.   Build big, grand, and make an impression!

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