Preferred contact is by USPS mail:

Frederick R. Vobbe
706 Mackenzie Drive
Lima, Ohio 45805-1835

United State of America


Due to problems with aggressive telemarketers, hobbyists; I no longer have landline. Please take the number (419) 228-6223 out of your smartphone. It has been disconnected.

If you insist on using e-mail:


If you are on Facebook, read this:

  • I don’t accept friend requests from people I don’t know, or people who are just amassing friends like a crazy cat lady takes in strays.
  • If you wish me to follow you, you must follow me. I do check, and block those I find simply advertising themselves.
  • Do not crap-post on my wall.
  • If you want to send me a friend request, send an email to the address above FIRST, explaining who you are, where we know each other from, or why you want to “friend me” on Facebook.
  • Any request without an email and explanation is deleted. Please be aware that repeated blind requests get blocked, and reported.
  • If you are someone who causes trouble, trolls, or uses improper language, you will be blocked and reported without warning. Engaging in political debates,
  • I am apologetically a Libertarian, leaning conservative. If that bothers you, please do not send a friend request.
  • I’m very picky about who I allow on my Facebook. Like my home, you step in and soil the carpet, you’re persona non grata. (Hint: no longer welcomed, and booted out).
  • I do not have any other pages whatsoever.
  • My one and only Facebook page is here.

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