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I have won numerous awards in broadcasting, electronic engineering, and civic service. I’ve been a finalist for the City of Lima Neighborhood Award numerous times, as well as nominated several times for the national Jefferson Award.

I’m a member of B.P.O.E. #54, Eagles #370, past board member for the Salvation Army of Allen County (OH), past president of the Lima Host Lions Club, and was on the board of directors for the Lima Host Lions Club.  I’m also a registered minister.

I also edited and published the DX Audio Service, a book for the blind magazine on the subject of radio, from April 1985 to April 2015 until it was shut down by the National Radio Club.

In my nearly 54 plus year career I’ve worked at recording studios, radio, and television stations. One of my other hobbies is collecting “oldies” and country music from the years 1955 to 1990 that charted in the radio industry. I have my own automation Part 15 radio station where I can listen to “good” music.

Another hobby is designing circuits and home-brewing equipment such as audio processors, tube compressors, switcher & control systems, audio distribution amplifiers, and audio mixers.

I’m Originally from Toledo, Ohio, and lived in Lima since 1985. My ham radio call sign, W8HDU.  I operate mainly on HF and 6-meters, multiple modes.  I don’t contest, but I do like to carry on complex technical conversations.  I will also take my ham radio with me on vacations, and provide county/grid square points to a select audience.

While I have been on social media, I am leaving those platforms for saner and more professional topics and people.  Closing these accounts are on the horizon.

I love to go to hamfests, flea markets, and take in the World’s Largest Yard Sale, the annual 250 mile “Lincoln Highway Byway Garage Sale”.

Got an old console, transmitter, fly press, tools, or antiques? I have a large Silverado and 6 ton trailer to take it away!

Optionally, my neighbor knows how to transport things as large as an M1A2 tank.

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