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I work as the Director of Engineering for TV broadcast affiliates. In my nearly 50 plus year broadcast career I have worked at recording studios, radio, and television stations. Hobbies include; collecting “oldies” from the years 1955 to 1990 that charted in the radio industry in the Whitburn/Billboard charts for Rock and C&W. I also restore old tape recordings of radio jingles, airchecks, and broadcast production music from tape and records. I also design circuits and home-brewing equipment such as audio processors, tube compressors, switcher & control systems, audio distribution amplifiers, and audio mixers. My amateur radio call sign, W8HDU, was granted via the F.C.C. vanity call-sign program, and was my grandfather’s call.

Dolby B and Rack Mounts

Introduction I received my first tape recorder in the summer of 1964. It was an RCA 7″ reel, half track mono, which ran at 17/8, 3-3/4, and 7-1/2 IPS. I recorded radio station broadcasts, and copy borrowed 45s to record … Continue reading

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Why it’s Time to Leave Facebook

When Facebook arrived on the scene it took off like wildfire. Facebook’s premise of connecting with friends and sharing of memories was a good idea. For my part, being a 60 year old guy, finding old friends and reconnecting was … Continue reading

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The Immediacy of Apps & Irrelevance of Thought

Years ago I was at a friend’s home, when the phone rang. He was in the middle of something, and after the third ring I asked if he was going to get it. “I decide when I’ll talk on the … Continue reading

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