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I work as the Director of Engineering for TV broadcast affiliates. In my nearly 50 plus year broadcast career I have worked at recording studios, radio, and television stations. Hobbies include; collecting “oldies” from the years 1955 to 1990 that charted in the radio industry in the Whitburn/Billboard charts for Rock and C&W. I also restore old tape recordings of radio jingles, airchecks, and broadcast production music from tape and records. I also design circuits and home-brewing equipment such as audio processors, tube compressors, switcher & control systems, audio distribution amplifiers, and audio mixers. My amateur radio call sign, W8HDU, was granted via the F.C.C. vanity call-sign program, and was my grandfather’s call.

Review: Volt/Amp Meter

I was cruising a web site and found this little meter for the amazing price of only $4.20.  Such a deal, I thought.  But was it?  Maybe, depending on your application. The meter reads 0-99 volts DC, and 0-10 amps … Continue reading

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Old School Console

Today I found a reference to the Gates Studioette console.  Remember them?  This console resided in the pirate ship Ross Revenge, “The Boat That Rocked”.  If you’re not familiar with the history its well worth an hour of reading!   … Continue reading

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April 1st is Here

April 1st is here, so I thought I would mention some pranks. Yes, I like a good joke if it’s not mean or harms someone. OK, so let’s look at a few from the past. The Mackinaw Tunnel I love … Continue reading

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